Episode 53: Mother like a Champion with Brenna Payne

So often we believe that mothering should just come naturally to us. And when it doesn’t, we might feel defeated or at worst, incompetent.

But, what if we reframed that?

What if we looked at motherhood as something that we can practice and work to get better at every single day…almost like a sport?

Today’s guest, Brenna Payne is coming on the show to chat about how this athlete’s mindset changed the game for her as a mom.

Listen in as she chats about how she started to connect the tools she used to succeed as a two-time national champion athlete to step into her power as a mom. She’s diving into techniques like goal setting, visualization, and more!

Connect with Brenna:
Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2665481783725061

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