Episode 32: Homeschooling and Working from Home | Melissa Corkum

homeschooling and working

With all of the change that’s occurring right now due to Coronavirus you might be asking, “How can I juggle homeschooling and working from home?”

Today parenting coach, Melissa Corkum is coming on the show to discuss coping with the sudden transition to distance learning, managing expectations and setting boundaries. Plus, she’s sharing about her own personal experience with homeschooling. Listen in to catch all of the amazing insight she shares so that you can focus on homeschooling and working while also retaining your sanity!

As a certified professional life coach and Empowered to Connect parent trainer, Melissa has helped dozens of
parents shift to a brain-based view of behaviors so they can find more effective solutions besides threatening
and punishing. She’s also a mom to six kids by birth and adoption. They’ve taught her a lot about what creates
thriving parent-child relationships…and what doesn’t.

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