Episode 82: How to Increase Your Confidence with Trish Blackwell


Don’t let your lack of confidence hold you back from achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Today, Trish Blackwell and I are discussing keeping your commitments to yourself and increasing your confidence.

Trish Blackwell is an expert at empowering people to get past self-doubt, overcome self-limiting beliefs and perform at their highest levels. Confidence coach to Olympic and professional athletes, Ironman champions, CEOs, high-achieving entrepreneurs, and cultural influencers, she has been featured by TLC, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Elite Daily as one of the top confidence coaches in the world.


Connect with Trish:

Website – https://www.trishblackwell.com/ 

College of Confidence – https://collegeofconfidence.com/ 

The Confidence Podcast – https://www.trishblackwell.com/podcasts/  


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Life and Sleep Coaching with Dana – https://liveandrest.com/ 

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