Episode 77: 4 Different Money Parenting Types with Money Mindset Coach Kai Hernandez


Do you know what type of money mentor you are to your kids?

Maybe you believe talking about money is taboo, or maybe you’re more of an open book. But, have you thought about what message you are sending to your kids about money? 

Today, Kai Hernandez and I are talking about the 4 different money parenting types. More than likely, you’re some combination of the 4, which all have their pros and cons. We’re also diving into the importance of identifying where your money parenting style came from and what to do about it.

What you should take away from today’s discussion is there is not one money-parenting style that is best. It’s all about awareness and determining whether it is supporting you and how you want to raise your children.

Kai Hernandez is a Wealth Mindset Coach who’s passionate about coaches building 7 figure wealth without sacrificing family time. She is also the host of The Logical Manifestor Podcast. When she’s not guiding 6 and 7 figure coaches to heal generational money cycles so they can build lasting generational wealth, she’s being silly with her daughter, watching reality shows, or re-reading Harry Potter. 


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