Episode 41: Finding Joy During Difficult Times with Nicole Groenewald

How can you find joy when you’re in the pits of despair? It’s not easy, but it’s possible and today’s guest is sure to inspire you to seek joy even in the darkest moments.

Meet Nicole Groenewald. Nicole is on a mission to inspire others to chase joy even through really difficult circumstances. Listen in as she opens up about how she fought for hope even when her son Henry’s diagnosis brought her an unimaginable level of fear.

Here’s a glimpse of Nicole’s story (in her own words) –

My firstborn son, that we prayed for (for 3 years!), was born with
half a heart. We were told at the 20 week ultrasound, and it was
suggested that I have an abortion. I was struck with deep grief. But
also a choice. I can be a victim to my circumstances. I can blame my
hard circumstances on why everything else is falling apart. Or I could
chase joy. I could fight for a more joyful tomorrow.
We fought.

Listen in to hear more about how Nicole and her family so bravely fought for joy and trusted God when facing immense worry and fear. And don’t miss the tips that Nicole is sharing that will help you find a light even in the darkest moments too!

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