Episode 30: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working | Lauren Koski

Do you find yourself starting a new diet almost every Monday, only to end up falling off the wagon within a week or two? If so, know that you’re not alone and it’s NOT your fault.

Today, Lauren Koski, certified health and nutrition coach, is joining me to explain this diet cycle and why most of us fall off the wagon time and time again. She’s explaining why diets don’t lead to sustainable weight loss and she’s sharing steps you can take to reach your weight loss goals and sustain them.

It is possible to lose weight long-term without restriction and self-hate. My hope is that after listening, you’ll walk away ready to crush your weight loss goals without sacrificing your sanity and the foods you love. If you’re ready to dig deeper be sure to check out her Free class here – http://www.lauren-koski.com/free-class

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Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/lauren_koski

Free Class: How to Lose Weight the Sane, Simple & Sustainable Way – http://www.lauren-koski.com/free-class

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For more on feeding kids – https://www.ellynsatterinstitute.org/

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