Episode 28: Strength and Perseverance | Melissa Rose

Today, Melissa Rose is joining Dana to share her inspiring story. She’s talking about how she persevered and built her business in the face of incredible hardship.

In 2015, Melissa was a rock star stay at home mama of 5 who was in the beginning stages of opening her dance studio. Teaching dance provided the perfect outlet for her to re-charge and connect with other adults. Just as she was beginning to feel great again, her husband asked for a divorce, and the rug was essentially ripped from underneath her. But that didn’t stop her! Listen in to find out how she navigated this and managed to design a life that she loves despite it all.

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Mom’s Wheel of Life – https://danastone.mykajabi.com/pl/89669

Website – https://winningatthemomlife.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/winningatthemomlife/

Rest Assured Consulting – https://sleep4babies.com/

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