Episode 2: Pushing Through Potty Training with Laura Lynn LaPointe

Are you struggling to potty train your little one? Maybe you have some questions about when and when not to use diapers and training pants. Maybe you’re confused about when rewards should come into play during the process. Laura Lynn LaPointe joins us today to bring us 5 tactical potty training tips that will save our sanity and set us on the path to potty training success.

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About Laura Lynn:

Laura Lynn LaPointe is a wife, momma, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She received her Masters of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Developmental Disabilities from Auburn University in 2015. Since then she has spent her career working directly with children, parents, teachers, and staff on using the principles of behavior analysis to make positive behavior change in their everyday environment. She has worked with individuals ages 2-21 in public schools, treatment facilities, daycares, and homes, working with typically-developed children and children with developmental disabilities, and has worked with parents and children within the foster care system in Alabama. Laura Lynn is the founder of an online parenting resource and community and host of The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. You can find her at www.lauralynnlapointe.com.

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