Moms, ever feel like you are running a race and instead of enjoying things along the way you just push forward, looking to the day you can slow down?


Are you ready to get clear, accomplish your burning desires and love the life you have right now while you design the life you want?

Winning at the Mom Life, hosted by Dana Stone, will bring you weekly episodes packed full of advice and encouragement that will help you power through mom-guilt and recognize just how amazing you are. On today’s episode, Dana shares about the vision she has for Winning at the Mom Life and her desire to grow and learn alongside her listeners.  Dana introduces the Mom’s Wheel of Life, a tool that she modified to capture the wheel we run on daily as moms. It helps her and other moms work towards achieving more balance in motherhood, marriage, and everyday life.


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1 comment on “Episode 1: Winning at the Mom Life – The Beginning

  1. Renee' says:

    Just Brilliant, Dana. Looking forward to your regular podcasts!

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