Episode 19: Your Child’s Voice | Rachel Sullivan

Do your kids feel valued? It’s not uncommon to come across parents who feel like their child’s only role in the family is to take orders and do as they’re told. The issue with this dynamic is that it often leaves kids feeling like they don’t have a voice in the family. Sure, kids can’t totally run the show but they need to know that their feelings matter. That’s why today, Marriage and Family Therapist Rachel Sullivan joins us to share tips that will allow you to improve communication amongst your family. After listening, I hope that you’ll find more peace in your home.

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Episode 4: The Most Important Thing you can do as a Parent


In this episode, Dana opens up about what she believes to be the most important thing you can do as a parent – model healthy relationships in all areas of life. She explores the significance of the relationships we show our kids with ourselves, our spouses, our friends, and more! Dana hones in on each segment of The Mom’s wheel of Life to help us do some self-reflection that will guide us in our personal development journies. Be sure to grab The Mom’s Wheel of Life Here


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Episode 3: Learning Through The Struggle – Coping and Thriving While Your Husband is Away with Stephanie Weaver

On today’s episode, Stephanie Weaver joins us to share 5 things she learned about herself during her husband’s deployment. She talks with Dana about how she found a new level of independence and discovered her passion for art while her husband was away. She also dives into how her children adjusted to their new routines while Dad was away. If you’re looking for advice on how to cope and find the silver lining while your spouse is away, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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About Stephanie:


Stephanie paints realistic landscapes, still life, pet, and children’s portraits with a preference of oils. She uses a renaissance technique of applying thin glazes. In 2001, as a result of needing a creative outlet from a high-stress job, Stephanie found her way back to what brought her the most joy as a child, drawing and painting. While living in Atlanta she studied under several artists and quickly found her own painting style. When she moved to Huntsville, she continued to paint but stayed dormant from the art community. When her husband was deployed she decided to focus on her family. Now that her husband is state-side, Stephanie has awakened what was dormant for 7 years – reaching out to the painting community.