Episode 7: Confronting Disappointment

  In this episode, Dana gives us a glimpse into a road bump that she faced in her own spiritual/emotional journey. She explains how she still continues to work towards intentionality and ownership around her reactions to things that offend her. She dives into the relationship between expectations and disappointment and how we can start…

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Episode 6: 5 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your Marriage | Michelle Purta”

  Do you ever find yourself frustrated and nagging at your husband? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a disconnect in the communication between the two of you? In this episode, Dana interviews Marriage Coach, Michelle Purta. Michelle shares the top complaints she hears from women when it comes to communicating with their husbands. She…

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Episode 1: Winning at the Mom Life – The Beginning

Moms, ever feel like you are running a race and instead of enjoying things along the way you just push forward, looking to the day you can slow down?   Are you ready to get clear, accomplish your burning desires and love the life you have right now while you design the life you want?…

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