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The Winning at the Mom Life Podcast is an exciting podcast that wants to help women change the lens they use to validate themselves. It is so true, we are our own worst critiques.  Every child, every family, every mother is so unique and walks a different path.  Its time that we stop comparing ourselves to others and decide what we want our lives to look like.  Happiness is now.. happiness is finding what you can love about your current situation and what you can do to makes tomorrows reality look exactly how you want it to look.  That is truly Winning at the Mom Life!

our team

Dana Stone

Show Host

Host of “Winning at the Mom Life” and owner of Rest Assured Consulting.  Dana is a veteran mother of 4, with kids ranging from Pre K to College!  By day she is a Child Sleep Consultant and works with families everyday on how to take the drama out of bedtime.  Dana has a passion to share with others the trials and wins that she has had over the years as she worked to design a life that she loves.  Her message to other mothers is that you can make any life you want.. it will either happen by default or by design.  So lets design the life that you are excited to get going each morning!

Contact her at dana@restassuredconsulting.com

Emilee Fry

Podcast Producer

Emilee rocks at editing and producing Winning at the Mom Life episodes each week. Emilee is a wife, mama, and Podcast Manager from Georgia who wears many hats like the rest of us. When she is not perfecting podcast episodes or chasing her little one, you can find her snuggled up watching Netflix alongside her husband, son, and fur babies.

Contact her at emileekfry@gmail.com

Lucas Skylar Scott


Lucas is our Video GURU! He has been involved in film production since he was just a baby. From the perfect stock, his parents were creatives through and through. They were designing toys, writing songs and even animating for disney! Just like Lucas, they were always creating something. This experience of creative expression was infused into his soul and never went away. As the founder of Skylar Scott Studios he is involved in every aspect of production from the creative concept meeting all the way through delivery and revisions. He is passionate about production and loves being able to share his gift by helping his clients spread the word about their amazing products or services. Connect today to learn about how video production is the perfect solution for you!

Contact him at lskylar@gmail.com

Amanda Elliot

Lead Designer

Amanda is our lead designer and is owner and creative director of Amanda Elliott Graphic Design. With a focus on print design and creative marketing, Amanda works with a variety of local clients to develop and cultivate their brand and visual identity. 

Her wheel of life is frequently out of whack and definitely in need of Dana’s insight to finding balance. 

Contact her at elliott.amandalynn@gmail.com

Kanique Mighty-Nugent

Web Designer

Kanique is our web-queen, and handles the tech end of our website. She owns her own web design business, Komposition LLC, and has worked with businesses nationally and internationally. Her focus is to bring to life the needs of her clients through visually komposed elements while enriching their online web presence.

Contact her at kanique@yourkomposition.com

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