Month: January 2022

Episode 73: Advocating For Your Own Health with Alison Stann

Did you know that poor nutrition may be the cause of the inflammation in your knees or the overall “yuckiness” you feel at times? Or even the reason you just can’t seem to lose that extra weight? Our bodies are so unique and have specific needs. And sometimes we are told those achy knees and…

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Episode 72: 7 Keys to Success with Mindi Huebner

Are you ready to unlock the 7 keys to success? Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re digging into how to unlock your success. Join me and Mindset Mastery Coach Mindi Huebner as we talk mindset, breaking through and redefining your beliefs, and what it takes to create new and improved habits. Mindi Huebner is a…

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