Month: February 2021

Episode 54: Navigating Pre-term Delivery and Mom-Guilt with Rachel Olson

What does the emotional aspect of pre-term delivery really look like? Today’s guest, Rachel Olson, is opening up about her journey with having a baby in the NICU and an 18-month-old at home. Listen in to hear our real and raw conversation about mom-guilt, especially when it comes to pre-term delivery and welcoming new siblings…

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Episode 53: Mother like a Champion with Brenna Payne

So often we believe that mothering should just come naturally to us. And when it doesn’t, we might feel defeated or at worst, incompetent. But, what if we reframed that? What if we looked at motherhood as something that we can practice and work to get better at every single day…almost like a sport? Today’s…

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