Month: January 2021

Episode 52: Reasonable Expectations, your key to easier parenting with Laura Lynn LaPointe

Do you want to take back your power as a parent? If so, this episode is for you!   Meet Laura Lynn LaPointe. Laura Lynn is wife to Michael, mama to John Paul and Emily, Parent Coach, and an entrepreneur! Laura Lynn serves parents in the online space through her parenting courses, potty training support,…

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Episode 51: How to Raise Mindful and Resilient Kids with Erin Sadler

Brain research tells us how to raise happy and successful kids, so why aren’t we doing it? Well, because, let’s be honest, research articles are tough to comb through. That’s why today’s guest Erin Sadler is coming on the show to break down brain research into bite-sized pieces. She’s explaining how you can make mindful…

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