Month: March 2020

Episode 30: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working | Lauren Koski

Do you find yourself starting a new diet almost every Monday, only to end up falling off the wagon within a week or two? If so, know that you’re not alone and it’s NOT your fault. Today, Lauren Koski, certified health and nutrition coach, is joining me to explain this diet cycle and why most…

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Episode 29: 3 Steps to Help You Simplify Mom Life

Are you tired of begging your kids to get ready each morning? Maybe you’re tired of them whining for a toy each time you go to the store. If so, this episode is for you. Today, Dana is sharing 3 game-changing tactics that simplified her day to day life with her kids drastically. These strategies…

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Episode 28: Strength and Perseverance | Melissa Rose

Today, Melissa Rose is joining Dana to share her inspiring story. She’s talking about how she persevered and built her business in the face of incredible hardship. In 2015, Melissa was a rock star stay at home mama of 5 who was in the beginning stages of opening her dance studio. Teaching dance provided the…

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