Month: October 2019

Episode 19: Your Child’s Voice | Rachel Sullivan

Do your kids feel valued? It’s not uncommon to come across parents who feel like their child’s only role in the family is to take orders and do as they’re told. The issue with this dynamic is that it often leaves kids feeling like they don’t have a voice in the family. Sure, kids can’t…

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Episode 18: Disney With Toddlers

Today’s episode is all about traveling the Winning at the Mom Life Way. As a seasoned Disney visitor, Dana has tons of tips to share about how to make the most of your vacation even with toddlers in tow. Listen in to catch some golden nuggets that will save you time and money while you’re…

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Episode 17: Don’t Let the Thought of Not Winning Keep You From Running the Rac

Have you ever thought about doing something, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you quickly dismiss the idea and tell yourself that you probably wouldn’t be good at it anyways. Besides, you might end up looking silly. And that’s a perfectionist’s worst nightmare, right? Well, in today’s episode, I want to chat about…

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