Month: July 2019

Episode 9: Finding Your Mom Tribe | Ciera Elledge


In today’s episode, Dana interviews Ciera Elledge. Ciera is the founder of Bad Moms of Madison County, a Facebook group where mom’s go for support and empowerment without all the rigid rules, judgment, and drama. She shares about the behind the scenes aspect of curating a supportive and peaceful online community. Ciera also chats with us about how impactful having a mom tribe can be. She and Dana discuss how having friends with different backgrounds or different views can help to expand your own perspective.

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Episode 8: How to Support a NICU Family | Amanda Jones


In today’s episode, Dana is interviewing Amanda Jones who is the founder of Bundles of Hope Fund. Bundles of Hope Fund is a non-profit that is devoted to serving neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) families who are facing an extremely difficult chapter in their lives. Amanda opens up about the struggles she and her family faced while her son was in the NICU. She also gives us advice on how to reach out and support these families during their time of need.


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Episode 7: Confronting Disappointment


In this episode, Dana gives us a glimpse into a road bump that she faced in her own spiritual/emotional journey. She explains how she still continues to work towards intentionality and ownership around her reactions to things that offend her. She dives into the relationship between expectations and disappointment and how we can start processing disappointment in a healthy way.

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Episode 6: 5 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your Marriage | Michelle Purta”


Do you ever find yourself frustrated and nagging at your husband? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a disconnect in the communication between the two of you? In this episode, Dana interviews Marriage Coach, Michelle Purta. Michelle shares the top complaints she hears from women when it comes to communicating with their husbands. She offers 5 tips that will help you start improving communication in your marriage and build the peaceful marriage you desire.

Michelle Purta is a life coach who works with moms on their marriages. She helps moms feel empowered to change their marriage all without nagging or changing their husbands. She’s a big believer that the best thing we can do for our kids is to have a strong marriage. Because of this, she wants to spread the word and help moms set their kids up to have healthy relationships by being happy in her relationship.


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Episode 5: Visualization for Moms

In this episode, Dana dives into the practice of visualization and the impact its had on her life. She explains why visualization is not only beneficial for the budding entrepreneur; it’s great for moms too!  She walks us through a visualization exercise and provides actionable steps we can take to move closer to our aspirations. Need help re-discovering and focusing on your dreams and goals? Then, you don’t want to miss this episode! 

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